Core Rules pdf
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A space opera game with pulp feeling and simplistic rules. Traditional in style, with one game master and one or more players. The player characters are crewmates on a small ship, travelling around and experiencing adventures while trying to keep their ship functioning.

Campaign Notebook

Notebook pdf, grey dots
Notebook pdf, blue dots
Notebook cover, pdf
GIMP pattern: triangle dots
GIMP pattern: blue triangle dots
GIMP pattern: square dots
GIMP pattern: blue square dots

A notebook with dots on every page. On the left-hand pages they form a triangle pattern, making it easy to draw hexagons or isometric shapes. On the right-hand pages they form a square pattern, making it easy to draw dungeons or perpendicular lines.

Combined/Comparative Tables

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A table that combines character To Hit, Monster Attack and Armor/AC numbers in one - for three games: Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Labyrinth Lord and Svärd och Svartkonst. You're not likely to use all three of these rulesets at the table simultaneously (although I know of instances when that's happened...), but it visualises the subtle differences between these systems in a clear way.